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Phone: 1-800-Total-Theme
Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

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We use data and tech to build industry leading Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook Advertising GET A FREE EXPERT AUDIT Inspiring Creative. Innovative Strategy. Expert Execution.
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Facebook Ads

Facebook has completely changed the advertising world. Our ability to target people based on thousands of unique data points, both on and offline, has ushered in a completely new era for business advertising.

By taking advantage of revolutionary AI, an increasingly complex Facebook algorithm, and a deep understanding of your customers digital behaviour, we can put your product in front of millions of people who are ready to purchase.


Good day all! I’ve worked extensively with GMC on a few projects and the service received is off the top shelf I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to make use of there many services 👌👌

Kelvin van Zeeventer

Awesome company. Highly review 5 stars good job guys

John-Paul Newlands

Global Media has been exceeding the goals we set since day one and their customer service is the best! Their team is friendly and very responsive. I would highly recommend!

Brandy Steffen

Working with Patrick at GMC, we were able to get over 120 seller leads in our first month. We only spoke to qualified leads and have already booked 7 appointments. Awesome.

Diamond Homes

Global Media has really great customer service, only company I have worked with where you can actually speak to the owner!! Real personal service, always friendly and available to answer questions. I would highly recommend them.

Joyce Sylph

After over a year of struggling on my own, Global Media is helping me navigate my social media and PPC campaigns. It’s such a relief to have them on my team. I was about to give up – glad I didn’t.

Helen Swan

Patrick (owner) is really committed to his clients and provides a great service! It has been a pleasure working with him!

Heather Dawn

Amazing team that has helped me so much with my website and brand. Easy to work with, very trustworthy and professional.

Jamie-Cherel Morrison

Patrick and his team have been amazing. They have automated and expanded my lead gen and follow up so that I only speak to qualified prospects! Best decision I have ever made.

Jay Hawes

I’ve worked with a ton of ad agencies over the years. Global Media has been the best by far. Wonderful customer service and very good at what they do!

Georgia Fellini

In our short time working with global media, we’ve seen tremendous improvement. Our cost per lead is much lower and our conversion rates are getting better every month. Great service!

Andrea Di Dia

GM’s data driven approach has revolutionised our Facebook advertising. Patrick is a true expert and really great to work with.

Paul Beads
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Our Service

We use inspired creatives, state-of-the-art tech, advanced targeting techniques, and data-driven optimization to connect your products and services to millions of highly engaged users on Facebook.

From strategy to execution, we have years of success and customer satisfaction under our belts. We know how to catch your customers attention and compel them to engage.

Take a look at what our clients say about us.

Case Studies
In-Depth Overview
Facebook Ads Setup

We will create a Facebook page optimized for sales by using industry-leading design and Facebook best practice. This is where your community of buyers begins.

By getting to know your product and customers we will create a sales funnel that takes people from top of the funnel interest to loyal customer.

The Facebook pixel is how we track actions and conversions from Facebook ads on your website. It’s absolutely crucial that this is set up correctly so we can optimise and scale based on the data we collect.

Research & Planning

We will analyse your current digital infrastructure to identify points of improvement and set targets that are measurable, achievable and scalable.

By researching and analysing your ideal customers, we will build valuable customer avatars that will be used in our targeting, creatives and messaging.

By analysing your competitors we will build a complete picture of what is needed to truly compete for their business and become the dominant organisation.

Targeting Strategy

Using the data we collect from the Facebook pixel we can build custom audiences for the purpose of retargeting, audience segmentation and the creation of valuable lookalike audiences.

Facebook uses thousands of unique data points to categorise its users for advertising purposes. We will use the data we collect from your most valuable customers to identify other users that share the same attributes.

Using the detailed customer avatars we have created, we can segment your audience by Age, Language, Gender, and location. This will ensure your ad budget is being spent on the people that matter to your business.

By testing and layering interests in combination with high performing audiences, we can optimise your targeting and increase your ROI. The data collected can also be used for content strategy and creatives.

We will analyse your customers online footprint and target them based on specific behaviors relevant to your business.  This will ensure your audience stays engaged, interested and ready to buy.

Using advanced retargeting we build trust, familiarity, and loyalty. We will target your warm prospects with relevant ads to increase conversions and repeat business.

Creative & Copywriting

Our creatives are unique, inspiring and designed to complement your company image. By using industry-leading creatives we ensure your business has an advantage when competing for increasingly scarce advertising space on Facebook.

We write copy that inspires people to not just take action, but also build trust. By speaking directly to your target audience we ensure that your message is relevant, engaging, and moves users to action.

We will test a wide variety of Facebook ad formats including video, canvas, carousal, image and messenger ads. This will allow us to find the best creative, message and format to increase your ROI.

We take advantage of advanced Facebook automation and AI to test hundreds of variables. By using new and emerging technology we will ensure that your business has an advantage and stays ahead of the curve.

We will use Facebook best practice and continued research to place your ads in the spaces that are most likely to convert. This may be in stories, the classic news feed, in-app articles, columns, Marketplace, Messenger and even Instagram.

Management & Testing

Effective Facebook advertising requires experienced day-to-day management. We will continually optimise your account by creating and testing new ads, modify or turn off ads that are not performing, fix and monitor any problems, ensure Facebook policy compliance and keep track of KPI’s.

By assessing each step in your funnel and analysing the data, we can optimise your digital infrastructure over time. This will ensure a steady improvement in ROI and cut any wasted ad spend.

We will constantly A/B split test ad variables to continually improve your results and reduce customer ad fatigue. This will allow us to find the best creatives, messaging and formats for your campaigns and increase sales and overall ROI.

Advanced bidding allows us to control costs, set boundaries and optimise results for your ad campaigns on Facebook. This will ensure that your budget is being spent as effectively as possible and with no wasted ad spend.

We will keep you updated with detailed, yet simple reports so that you are always aware of how things are going. By analysing and reporting on who is converting, what compels them to buy, and what messages are reaching them most effectively, we can keep improving your campaigns.


Taking your advertising to the next level is what we do best. By creating systems, utilising technology and constantly testing new methods we will scale your advertising efforts and help your business reach new heights.

To keep growing we will need to keep prospecting. We will test new audiences and improve old ones to make sure that your pool of potential customers is constantly growing and we are opening up new opportunities for your business.

By constantly improving your sales funnel we will increase your ROI over time and ensure the best possible customer experience. Using remarketing, email campaigns, messenger campaigns and content strategy we will also ensure that customers stay loyal to your brand.




Getting to know your business, your customers and your products. Research is what all great advertising campaigns begin with.



We are a Facebook partner agency and have years of success under our belts. You focus on your business, we will handle your advertising.



With constant A/B split testing and conversion rate optimization we will ensure that your ad campaigns are always improving and your ROI is always growing.

We can offer you some guarantees other agencies can’t…

At Global Media, we try and let our clients speak for us. Read some of our reviews and hear straight from them why we are the best agency for your needs.

You get a dedicated Account Manager who is a Facebook Ad specialist, as well as a support team that includes a strategist, analyst, and web designer/developer.

You won’t be asked to sign long-term contracts. We believe that great service and exceptional performance should be the only reasons you stay with us.

You’ll optimize your advertising spend. All your Facebook ads are tracked, analyzed, and optimised for improvements. This lowers your wasted ad spend and boosts you results.

You’ll own all your ad creatives. Many Facebook advertising agencies will retain ownership of ad creatives when you leave. We don’t do that.

You can count on us to go extra mile for you. We believe in nurturing partnerships, not acquiring clients. We conduct business with honesty, integrity, and a focus on results.

You get detailed monthly reports (clear and in plain English) that enable you to measure the performance of your campaigns and the resulting effect to your bottom line.

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